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Kit Essentials with a Haversack

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

When you’re venturing outdoors even just for the day, whether forging edibles, mushroom picking, fishing or for an adventure, there is a minimum amount of gear to take for necessary preparedness. What's the best way to carry all of these necessities?

Introducing the haversack.

A haversack is not a backpack and it’s not meant to carry many large or heavy items. It is a small to medium sized bag and fairly strong, usually made of canvas or leather, with one strap worn across the back or shoulder. I like using a haversack for certain situations.

Because of how it’s worn, it’s convenient for quick access to items inside or for placing gathered things into it easily.

Some people choose to carry both a haversack and a backpack to leave the backpack with larger items stowed at their camp site and use the haversack for scouting.

Since you usually just carry essentials, it’s also less bulky and distributes the weight more comfortably.

Some haversacks also have built in pack straps you could attach things to the exterior.

My personal haversack contents (pictured above) include the following…

Everyone has their particular choice on what they want to carry in their kit and how they want to carry it. I find a haversack to be a useful addition to my outdoor gear. It depends on what’s best for your situation and purpose.

Here's what I recommend...

Ready to go...

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